Flash Cards Collection

Learning with flashcards can be a fun and interactive educational experience for both children and adults.

Now with smartphones and tablets, you can easily get access to flashcard apps to create your own flashcards and learn or practice them at anytime and wherever you go.

Flash Cards Collection app is a simple tool to help you practice and master what you are learning.

iOS Features

With Flash Cards Collection, you can:

- Easily create your own flashcards.

- You can create multiple topics in the app. Each topic will include multiple cards.

- Each card has 2 sides, you see the question on one side, then tap to flip it over and see the answer.

- Let you type text, add photos, even you can handwrite or draw on both sides.

- Cards are arranged in stacks and can be swiped up or down easily in collection.

- Well designed, clean, modern interface, and is easy to use.

- No subscription required.

Download the free app to experience today.

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