iOS Apps

  • Flash Cards Collection
  • IP Cam Soft Pro
  • Smart Dash Cam
  • Timesheet Tracker
  • Cash Register
  • File Transfer

Flash Cards Collection

Learning with flashcards can be a fun and interactive educational experience for both children and adults.
Now with smartphones and tablets, you can easily get access to flashcard apps to create your own flashcards and learn or practice them at anytime and wherever you go.
Flash Cards Collection app is a simple tool to help you practice and master what you are learning.

Features Include

  • Easily create your own flashcards.
  • You can create multiple topics in the app. Each topic will include multiple cards.
  • Each card has 2 sides, you see the question on one side, then tap to flip it over and see the answer.
  • Let you type text, add photos, even you can handwrite or draw on both sides.
  • Cards are arranged in stacks and can be swiped up or down easily in collection.
  • Users management – Admin, Salesperson, Inventory clerk, Reporter.
  • Well designed, clean, modern interface, and is easy to use.
  • No subscription required.

IP Cam Soft Pro

Remotely view and control your IP cameras using this iOS mobile app.
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Features Include

  • Support over 3000 camera models.
  • Record video from your IP cameras and share videos via email.
  • Support 2-ways audio on selected models.
  • Unlimited number of cameras.
  • Instantly capture camera's screen and send via email.
  • Perfect for home security, petcam or workplaces.
  • PTZ (Pan Tilt and Zoom) controls.
  • Pan and tilt by slicing your finger.
  • Upload recordings to the cloud.
  • Designed for both phones and tablets.
  • 24/7 support via email.
  • Best IP camera viewer on the market.
  • Developed by the same company that creates the popular IP Camera Viewer all other major OS.

Smart Dash Cam

Turn your phone into a full featured Car video recorder at a fraction of the cost of the standalone device. Smart Dash Cam app automatically captures every driving moment using the auto-loop technology and collision detection. You can feel at ease having a dependable "silent witness" by your side.

With the built-in manual and auto recording mode, the Smart Dash Cam is always ready to capture extraordinary moments when you are driving. Whether it be a spectacular falling meteorite or a herd of bison crossing the road or traffic accidents, you will always have something interesting captured in videos.

Timesheet Tracker

Timesheet Tracker is the easiest and most powerful time tracking application available for your business. Timesheet Tracker provides functions that allow you to track when employees arrive for work and when they leave, as well as when they work overtime. Additionally, it will help you calculate the total hours worked and the total amount to be paid for your employees. This is a must-have application for small and large companies alike.
Need the app for Microsoft Windows? Please choose Windows Desktop devices.

Features Include

- Automatically calculates the number of hours worked and wages paid for your employees.

- Effectively tracks your employees' hours:

  • Employees can check in/check out easily and quickly.
  • View in detail the list of all clock ins, clock outs, and working hours of each employee.
  • View the time record of all employees by day, week, month or year.

- Easy-to-use interface with a real-time saver:

  • Simple to adjust/update information in the app. (Only administrator).
  • Export report to Excel.
  • Set a password for app protection.
  • Allow employees to view their individual time sheets, profiles and to change their passwords.
  • Allows admin to backup file with Google drive.

Cash Register

Cash Register provides all of the functionalities that you need to keep track of your inventory and sell your products using your phones, tablets or computers as a cash register/inventory system.

This version runs on iOS devices. Please choose Kindle Fire devices or Microsoft Windows Desktop.

Features Include

  • Cash Register: make a sale, create invoices, works as a regular cash register machine.
  • Product Inventory: Simple to enter all of your products and pricing so you can keep track of what you are selling, automatically adjust your inventory when you make a sale.
  • Reporting - Transactions history, Weekly/monthly report, Inventory Report, Profit Report, No Sale report.
  • Analyze - The chart shows the progress for product sales over time.
  • Users management – Admin, Salesperson, Inventory clerk, Reporter.
  • User friendly: Easy and simple user interface.
  • Please Note: This app does not process credit card payments.

Wireless Transfer

Wireless File Transfer is a perfect and very easy-to- use file transfer application.

It lets you easily and quickly get or share your photos/videos between your iOS device and your PC, laptop or other iOS devices.

It's completely easy to use, just put your devices on the same Wi-Fi network and start to use the app.

Features Include

  • Send videos, photos to any PC, Laptop, or iOS devices and vice versa.
  • Send/receive both photos and video files.
  • No limitation the number of files as well as the size of the file.
  • Automatically save received videos, photos to the system's Photos application.
  • Send/receive multiple files at once.
  • Quickly files transferring (based on how fast your network is).
  • Simple and easy-to- use interface.
  • Many additional features will be include in later updates (such as transferring other personal files, not just videos and photos, ...)
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