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Thread: IpCamsoft not working from remote

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    Unhappy IpCamsoft not working from remote

    I have a 7Link IPC-340.HD (alias 7Links-PX-3761) Webcam.
    IpCamsoft works fine with it in my local network (also using HTTPS). However, when trying to access it from remote the image flow is only spotty at best (the network speed can not be the issue, it should be plenty) and the controls only react occasionally and if so, they act as if continuously repeated, i.e. a short tick to move left/right/up/down makes the camera go all the way to the left/right/upper/lower maximum. While it's rotating one can occasionally see an image but the result is that one cannot reliably see or control anything and the camera is hence useless!

    Any idea, why this is so? And how to fix?

    The camera is accessed using HTTPS (with port forwarding from external port 1234 to local port 443 and the ONVIF port forwarded from external 888 to local port 888).

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    Thanks for using our app, please contact our support team via email support@ipcamsoft.com for more quickly assistance.
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