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Thread: Unwanted resolution change (Foscam FI89xx)

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    Unhappy Unwanted resolution change (Foscam FI89xx)


    I have a problem with the use of the software with my network of webcams (there are 18 and they are all Foscam FI89xx).

    When the application launches or when webcams are added to a slot in the grid, it switches the devices resolution in high mode (640x480) while they are normally all set in low resolution (320x240). Because of this behavior, the bandwidth is saturated and it become unusable for monitoring. To bypass this, I have to go to the native application of each webcam to (re)set the resolution in low mode. At each start of the software, everything is to redo what is not playable.

    It's really sad because there is little native monitoring software for Windows (vs Android or iOS) and yours seems to be developed on a very good basis in terms of functionality / mastery of the subject. I cannot find any who do not have a critical problem to adopt it : for example IPCam Monitor in Windows Store was good but his problem is that the memory occupancy swells more and more until the machine locks, there's no solution. When I discovered yours I thought it was the good but with this swith of resolution is a real critical problem for adoption.

    In any case thank you, I support your team.

    Best regards,


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    Hi Christophe, please contact our support team via support@ipcamsoft.com, we will assist you.

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