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Thread: How do I buy in-app?

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    How do I buy in-app?

    - Android app:
    Please click on Buy Full Version banner on the screen (or tap the Cart button) to upgrade it into the full version. In the confirm purchasing alert box, we will show you the price before you decide to buy the app.
    - iOS app:
    Please tap the Capture button > select Buy now > after confirm your purchase > tap Buy button
    Or tap Config button > Buy Full Version > Buy now> Buy

    - Windows Desktop software:
    IP Cam Soft Basic: Open the software, go to Help/Purchase , after complete the purchase, get the key via your email, then go to Help/Register Product and use the key to register. Or you can buy directly from our website by following this link: http://ipcamsoft.com/?index&desktop&...chaseIPCamSoft and then click Buy Now button. Please note we only accept payment via Paypal.
    Ip Cam Soft UWP: we do not have free version, so you can buy the app directly on Microsoft Store.
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