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Thread: Need a TO GO Button Added!

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    Need a TO GO Button Added!

    Firstly Love the App! I use this app in my Bakery and Coffee shop here in Corning Ohio. Your app calculates tax just fine but... In Ohio "To Go" orders are not taxable with a few exceptions. Can you add a To Go button that will remove tax and a option in the categories for items to override tax exemption? An example is a customer buys a Muffin and a Can Of Soda To Go, the muffin is tax exempt but the soda is not. So All my wife would have to do is select "TO GO" after ringing up the customer. As the app stands I would have to create multiple categories with full menus to delineate the difference.

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    Thanks for your request. We will consider your request and try our best to improve the app. Can you please let us know you are using ios or Android or Windows app?

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