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Thread: Can't login to admin

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    Can't login to admin

    Good morning!
    For some reason, when our group downloaded and started using this app, we did not have to put an email address in. Now we are locked out of the app because we cannot remember the password (which we believe we didn't even have in the first place). Now we are locked out of our register and our holiday shop is around the corner. We still need to input inventory and need to adjust our existing inventory.
    Please help!!!

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    - For First time users: when you open the app for the first time, the app leads you go to “create Admin account” page in order that you can create Admin account and your own password. If you skip this step and haven't created your own password yet, it means you are using the default password, now you can login your app with the default admin account (username:Admin, password: blank)
    - If you already created your own password, and now you forgot it, there are 2 ways to reset your password:
    + Answer the security question: Make sure that you have already set security question before. Now tap "Forgot Admin password" > select Secret Question > type the correct answer.
    + Send reset code via registered email: When you created your own password, if you have already registered your email address for password reset. Now tap "Forgot Admin password" > Select Email > Send email to us. (make sure that your iPad is being logged in with that email. Use the registered email address to send a Password Reset Request Email to us). We will reply an email with the reset code, and then you can use that code to reset password. After you reset, the default admin account is "username:Admin, password: blank"

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