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    Smart Dash Cam App

    Smart Dash Cam app is designed to essentially turn your phone into a dash cam, saving you the cost of purchasing a real dash cam but provides all of the same functionalities. Smart Dash Cam app automatically captures every driving moment using the auto-loop technology and collision detection. You can feel at ease having a dependable “silent witness” by your side.

    Outstanding Features:
    - Built-in manual and auto recording mode
    - Record video with low/medium/high/480/720 resolutions
    - Record with or without audio
    - Display time/speed (metric and English units)/Map on video
    - Turn off monitor while driving
    - Auto record/Lock video when detecting an impact
    - Allow music play while recording
    - Continues loop recording. Older videos are overridden by newer ones to preserve space on the device.
    - Set time range for loop recording (up to 60 minutes)
    - 2 options for how much storage space you want to store your videos: set Max capacity or allow use all of available space of your device.
    - Store recorded videos within the app or upload to cloud services.
    - Share video
    - Upload video on Youtube
    - Languages: English, French, German, Spanish


    On Google Play:

    On AppStore:

    On Amazon Store:
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