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    Cash Register App

    Cash Register provides all of the functionalities that you need to keep track of your inventory and sell your products using your mobile devices/computers as a cash register system.

    Features Include (The number of features may be different between ios app/android app/windows app.
    - Cash Register: works as a regular cash register machine: make the sales, create invoices, email/print receipt, return/refund item.
    - Product Inventory: enter all of your products and pricing so you can keep track of what you are selling, automatically adjust your inventory when you make a sale.
    - Reporting: Different kinds of report: Order Report, Weekly/Monthly/daily/hourly Report, report of items sold in specific time, Inventory Report, Profit Report, No Sale Report, Trash Report (deleted orders),
    - Analyze: The chart shows the progress for product sales over time.
    - Users management (Admin, Salesperson, Inventory clerk, Reporter) and discount management.
    - Customer information management, location tracker (track the sales at each different location)
    - Server/Client feature
    - Import/Export feature
    - Auto database backup feature
    - Allow multiple payment methods at the same time
    - User friendly: Easy and simple user interface.
    * Please Note: This app does not process credit card payments.

    On Appstore:

    On Google Play:

    On Amazon Store:

    On our website: Windows version

    On Microsoft store:
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