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Thread: Cameras gone!

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    Question Cameras gone!

    Today I attempted to view my Foscam cameras via this (lite version) app on my iPhone 6+ (iOS 10.3.2.) to check my camera views. I was advised by the app that I have no cameras and I could hit the plus bar to add cameras. It will not leave that screen to check login , other than to go to information page.

    There have been no upgrades to my iPhone since the last time I viewed my cameras. I do not understand why the system has flushed my camera information. How do I recover?

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    We are so sorry for this mistake.
    Currently please re-add your cameras into the app again.
    The new version (8.3.1) is available on the store now. we fixed the issue in that version. Please update it.
    We apologize for any confusions caused by this issue and we promise to try our best to avoid any similar issues from occurring in the future.
    Thank you for your understanding!

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