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  1. How do I add new cameras?
  2. I do not know my camera's brand. How do I find out the camera's model?
  3. I want to view 1, 2 or 4 cameras at the same time.
  4. How to Control camera?
  5. How to Record video?
  6. How do I edit or delete my cameras?
  7. How do I invert video and/or PTZ controls?
  8. PTZ and preset buttons are missing - How do I do in-app update?
  9. I can only see my cameras when I am inside. How do I configure port-forwarding?
  10. What additional features will I get if I buy the full version?
  11. How do I contact you for help?
  12. Why do I miss the audio function? (one way/two way audio)
  13. How do I buy in-app?
  14. I already upgraded to the full version, but don't find any additional features?
  15. Desktop Basic software
  16. where is Android
  17. My camera model is not in the support list. What should I do?
  18. New Motorola MR1900 router, app no longer works