Wireless Transfer

Wireless File Transfer is a perfect and very easy-to- use file transfer application.

It lets you easily and quickly get or share your photos/videos between your iOS device and your PC, laptop or other iOS devices.

It's completely easy to use, just put your devices on the same Wi-Fi network and start to use the app.

iOS Features

  • Send videos, photos to any PC, Laptop, or iOS devices and vice versa.
  • Send/receive multiple files at once.
  • Send/receive both photos and video files.
  • No limitation the number of files as well as the size of the file.
  • Automatically save received videos, photos to the system's Photos application.
  • Quickly files transferring (based on how fast your network is).
  • Simple and easy-to- use interface.
  • Many additional features will be include in later updates (such as transferring other personal files, not just videos and photos, ...)
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